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Dr. Gregory Kurtz

Dr. Kurtz graduated from Purdue University and has been practicing for over 30 years in the Hagerstown area.  He specializes in Dairy and Beef cattle.

Dr. Kurtz's Pets

Roger - Border Collie pictured below with the other Dr. Kurtz

Dr. Robyn Kurtz

Dr. Kurtz graduated from Purdue University and has been practicing for over 30 years in the Hagerstown area.  She specializes in dogs and cats.

Dr. Kurtz's Pets

Bubba - Black Lab

Mouse - Black Lab



Dr. Christy Herr

Dr. Herr graduated from Purdue University.  She specializes in Dairy, Beef, and Small Ruminent animals.  She has one boy at Hagerstown High School and one boy attending college in Iowa.

Dr. Herr

Dr. Herr raises sheep.

Dr. Erica Paul

Dr. Paul graduated from Purdue University in 2015.  Her interests include dairy, beef, and horses.  She and her husband, Darren, recently moved to the area from Lafayette, IN.  During her spare time, Erica and her husband enjoy horseback riding, camping, four-wheeler riding, and raising show pigs.

Dr. Paul's Pets

Indoor cats: Hugs & Kisses

Outdoor cats: Bob & Tom

Dogs: Merle & Mya

Horses: Jewel, Diego, & Snickers


Dr. Christine Litt

Dr. Litt graduated from the University of Florida and resides in Muncie, IN.  She has a strong interest in feline medicine and endocrinology.  Dr. Litt is with us on Tuesdays and some Saturdays seeing small animal patients. 

Dr. Litt's Pets

Sally - kitty

Michelle Wright - Practice Manager

Michelle graduated from IU and has been working as manager at Kurtz Veterinary Clinic since.  She spends her spare time outdooors with her husband and two girls hiking, biking, four-wheeling, and waterskiing.

Michelle's Pets

Shadow - black and grey tiger cat

Sandy - orange striped cat

Roxy - mini Aussiedoodle

Angie Garrett - Receptionist

Angie is married to Chris Garrett.  Their daughter, Ashley, recently graduated Hagerstown High School.  She enjoys camping. 

Angie's Pets

Mayzzie - Jack Russell Terrier

Robin Klein - Veterinary Assistant

Robin is very skilled at handling any patient who comes through our doors.  You'll probably see her at your appointment keeping your pet safe during their examination.  Robin graduated from Lincoln High School and enjoys working on her family's dairy farm. 

Robin's Pets

Robin has several dogs and cats at her family farm. 

Nancy Cronk - Receptionist

Nancy grew up in Hagerstown and has been working at Kurtz Veterinary Clinic for 15 years.  Nancy enjoys spending time with her grandkids and caring for her flower gardens. 

Nancy's Pets

Nancy has 2 farm dogs

Amanda Benders - Receptionist

Amanda is a Lincoln graduate and has been working at Kurtz Veterinary Clinic for over 15 years.  She enjoys spending time with her three children on their family farm.  Amanda enjoys cooking and often makes birthday cakes for employees.

Amanda's Pets

Wiggles - Shepherd mix


Jamie Matney - Veterinary Assistant

Jamie graduated Hagerstown High School and attended Indiana University.   Jamie enjoys going to Dairy shows and working on her own dairy farm.

Jamie's Pets

Odie, the clinic cat

Emily Waltz - Veterinary Assistant

Emily is currently a senior at Hagerstown High School and plans on attending the University of Findlay. 

Emily's Pets

Dog: Rowan

Cats: Houdini & Fatty

Snake: Cornelius

Logan Ullery - Veterinary Assistant

Logan is the second youngest of eight kids.  He is currently attending Indiana University East and is applying for vet school.  He loves being outdoors, hunting, and fishing.

Logan's Pets

Blue Heeler named Blue

Haley Baker - Veterinary Assistant

Haley is a senior at Hagerstown High School and enjoys all things cattle and FFA.  She serves on the chapter and district level for FFA and is a member of Indiana Junior Beef Cattle Association board. 

Haley's Pets

Hershey, Missy, Cooper, and Mr. Kitty