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Customer Reviews

  • "My animals and I have always been treated with respect and concern.  I've always been pleased with the care given to my animals and the courtesy of the staff, especially in difficult situations.  I would recommend Kurtz Veterinary Clinic to everyone."
  • "Top notch business!"
  • "I trust this vet clinic to give my animal exceptional care.  After a visit, I am always confident that everything possible has been done for my pet.
  • "Have had several little patients with Dr. Kurtz, and she is wonderful."
  • "Opal had been sick for 5 days.  We were desperate to find a vet that would take the time to look at her and help us find out what was wrong.  Dr. Kurtz and her staff were AMAZING.  I have no doubt their quick actions helped save Opal's life." 
  • "Dr. and tech were very gentle with our senior cat.  We were very surprised that she didn't flip out.  Her condition was explained in detail.  Thank You!"
  • "Very simply put my pets well being was first and foremost.  I'm very appreciative for what was done for my pets, and what will be getting done as well.  Thank you so much!"
  • "You have always been courteous and listen to my concerns.  Spot just melts down when he comes in!  It's a pleasure having you as Spot's vet."
  • "Staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and handles and treats pets with care.  Very good at keeping track of healthcare records and making sure they are up to date with all healthcare needs."
  • "Friendly caring staff that knows how to handle animals.  My cats may not like going to the doctor but they always end up purring while they are there.  Can't give a better compliment than that."